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Hawthorn-L is an unmoderated discussion list for neo-Pagans discussing ritual ethics, worship of the Goddess, and her horned Consort, gender equity in religion and spirituality; ritual, clergy training and ordination, public service projects by Pagans, specific disciplines such as herbalism or astrology, and small group human relations. The list is not moderated, but the topic is intended to be limited to magickal, organizational, and mundane matters which are suited for public discussion according to relevant traditions. For example, posting of Garderian BoS material will result in expulsion, regardless of the tradition of the person who posts it. Some people and groups expect a degree of privacy, which is to be respected. Subscribers to Hawthorn-L are asked to address one another on the list with the respect which they would ordinarily accord a sister or brother in circle. List membership is open to anyone, but those who will not respect list norms may be unsubbed. If you are new to neo-Paganism, it might be wise to lurk for a while before posting. But feel welcome to ask questions and reply.

Hawthorn-L is operated by Hawthorn Grove, a religious organization organized and existing under the laws of the State of New York. It supports freedom of worship, prayer, and the study of ancient and modern Pagan religions and family values, training and ordination of Pagan clergies, and provision of free will service in communities to which our members belong. Statements made in postings to Hawthorn-L do not necessarily represent the opinions of Hawthorn Grove or any of its members.

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